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Tia is a psychic, medium, and a spiritual advisor. Having been blessed with the God given ability to provide others with insight, guidance, and direction, Tia gives spiritual support to her clients. As a medium, she has helped people connect with loved ones who have crossed over.

Tias gift became evident when she was three years old and began to experience visits from the deceased who communicated with her. She spent years of her early childhood trying to understand why she was chosen.

Tia spent most of her life concealing her psychic abilities from the public only making them known to family and close friends. By the age of eleven, Tia was actively reading family and friends and became proficient in reading Tarot cards and was introduced to the beauty of Wicca in which she still uses and practices today.

The turning point in her life occurred when she experienced a serious illness which brought her close to death. After much soul searching Tia left her career in law enforcement and made the decision to fully embrace her psychic gift.

Tia has been baptized into the complex religion of Santeria and has embraced all of Gods givings. Tia's life is devoted to helping people find answers including connecting with loved ones who have crossed over, removal of sprit entities from homes, or just providing insight, guidance, and spiritual support.

Tia has a large clientele in the US and overseas and has worked with law enforcement to solve

open cases.

Tia opened The Craft in 2009 where she conducts psychic readings by appointment only in a comfortable private setting. She also sells her own blessed handmade jewelry, spiritual supplies, and spells.

You will see Tia on season 3 of Bravo's Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Blessed Be

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